Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Currently

Well I've never done a currently.  What better time to start than in the new year?!?

Listening:  Alumni here! So of course I have to support my school. :)
Loving:  Don't have to go back until Monday and kids don't return until Tuesday. 
Thinking:  I haven't gone as much as I wanted to during break...
Wanting: I did a lot of sleeping and "recovering" from last night so now I'm wide awake.
Needing: I'm trying a new idea for my math centers.

This last semester I worked myself to death.  Took on a few small part time jobs in addition to teaching. You can say I was worn out by the time Christmas break arrived. This semester I'm taking it easy.  So who knows maybe I'll actually blog a little!  haha

Monday, August 26, 2013

Blogger Exchange and Classroom Pics

Ugh, well like usual I got busy and haven't updated my blog in forever.  

Well first things first I've been meaning to blog about the blogger exchange I signed up for. 
I was so excited when my package came in.
Here's all of my goodies!
Brenda over at did an AMAZING job. 

Some colorful supplies to match my room theme. I use colored pens ALL the time. 

I absolutely love love love the owl folders, they are kind of hard to see but are super cute. 
I've decided to use the chevron bag to hold my CAFE cards. 
I'm already using the chevron things organizer and the owl notepad (you can never have enough of those). 
And I have to say I was most excited about the book. I read it the first day of school and my kids really enjoyed it.  :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Back to School Blogger Exchange

I haven't been around in a while because there is nothing special going on to share.  Boring... I know!  But I just came across this Back 2 School Blogger Exchange and thought it was the cutest idea.  Not only do I love receiving gifts (especially in the mail) but I also love shopping for and giving gifts so I am totally in. :)

If this is something you are interested in go enter at Adventures of Ms. Smith's blog.

Here are the details.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spelling packet on sale, a giveaway, a donation drive, and a pretty blue chair!

Lots of stuff to share today!

First up, my spelling packet is finally completed.

If your district is switching to the Houghton Mifflin Triumphs reading program that I suggest you go check out my spelling packet. Or even if you just want a to use that list of words.
I have two different sets. One that follows the extra review week after week 3 is here and the one that only has review weeks after every six weeks is here.

They are both 50% for the next 2 days. 

Next up, I am apart of my very first giveaway! 

I am giving my Daily Five and Cafe resources. 
Go enter :)

I just found this donation drive over at Learning is Something to Treasure. 
Her friend was in a horrible accident and is in ICU.
It is such a wonderful thing that she is doing for her friend.
You can donate $20 for $250 of product and help out at the same time. 

I started decorating my walls in my classroom and organizing my supplies. 
Here is one of my bulletin boards. :)

It also has little pencils that you write the kids names on and they move theirs under what they are working on at the time.

And my last thing for the day is this awesome chair I found at Target.  On sale of course. 
It is going to be my new "teacher chair" at the rug. Last year I just used one of the kids chairs. haha Not anymore!